What is the Best Bathroom Tile Scrubber?

The bathroom is without a doubt, one of the most difficult to clean rooms in the entire house. This is mostly due to the accumulation of dirt, hair, makeup, moisture, and soap scum.

Most people find it both labor-intensive and time-consuming to clean their bathrooms properly. 

However, when you get your hands on the best bathroom tile power scrubber, the cleanup becomes infinitely easier. You must invest in a quality product if you want to keep your bathroom sparkling for a long period.

Buying the Best Shower Tile Scrubber can prove to be rather challenging especially when it is your first time.

This is usually because of the numerous bathroom scrubber options, which you have to choose from in the current market.

Because there are so many different types of bathroom tile scrubbers available, and you might not know where to start. This in-depth review and buyer’s guide should help you get the best brush for cleaning shower tile  to suit your needs.

Best Bathroom Tile Power Scrubber Types of Brushes and Surfaces

You need to understand the types of brushes available to determine whether they suit your type of bathroom tile. Knowing this information will help you to greatly increase your cleaning performance and ensure your bathroom tile is long lasting.

Matching the cleaning surface to the right brush is an important aspect. Below is a quick rundown of all the types of brushes available and the surfaces that they suit best.

Poly brush Washroom Tile Power Scrubber

The poly brush is considered as perfect for general cleaning. When working on tiles with grout lines and bathroom tile floors, the ploy brush delivers incredible performance. It quickly removes stubborn stains from bathroom tile floors and reduces the cleaning time by almost half.

Nylon brush Washroom Tile Power Scrubber

The nylon brush is considered highly resistant especially when it comes to abrasive substances. It is the perfect tool when working on concrete-floored surfaces. It is also quite handy when you need to clean your parking lot properly.

Scrub grit brush Washroom Tile Power Scrubber

The scrub grit brush is highly durable even on extremely rough surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning terrazzo, non-slip epoxy finishes, and tile.

Strip grit brush Washroom Floor Power Scrubber

This is one of the most aggressive scrubbing brushes in the market currently. When you need to get hard stains like grease off hard floors, then this is the right tool for the job. It equally works well with tiles and gets the job done quickly.

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Bathroom Tile Power Scrubber

Bathroom Tile Power Scrubber Power source

When shopping for the best bathroom tile power scrubber that suits your needs, you have to consider the power source being used carefully. While some are electric-powered, others are cordless which means that they purely run on battery.

You need to know how long the cordless bathroom tile scrubbers last and the duration of time it will take to recharge them. When considering this factor, don’t just look at whatever is written on the specifications by the manufacturer.

You have to go through tons of reviews to determine whether the bathroom tile power scrubber you choose lasts for a substantial time.

Next, consider whether the rechargeable batteries for that particular model are available for purchase. This is usually because you have to factor in the possibility that the battery just might get ruined over time.

If the rechargeable batteries are not available, then it means you will have to purchase a new bathroom tile scrubber.

When going for the electric bathroom power brush, consider the length of the cord. It should be long enough to get from the power source to every inch of your bathroom tile.

If you can get a model that uses more than one power source then you can have more wiggle room when it comes to bathroom cleaning.

Bathroom Tile power Scrubber Rotating speed

The rotating speed is very important when it comes to selecting the best bathroom tile power scrubber. A rotating speed of about 300 RPM is enough to clean off grout, baked-on grime, and dirt.

It can also clean soap scum, tiles, baths, ovens, shower doors, and so much more. Ensure that you get a model with a rotating speed of at least 300 RPM

Now, the rotating speed itself won’t be enough if the device doesn’t have enough power. Have you found yourself having to choose between a bathroom tile scrubber with higher RPM but low power, and one with low RPM but more power? 

Always go for the one with more power.

Bathroom Tile power Scrubber Brush size

Before picking out the best bathroom tile power scrubber, you need to carefully consider the brush size. Small handheld brushes are best for detail work such as cleaning around the decorated faucets, and grout cleaning. 

A medium-sized handheld bathroom scrubber is best for shower walls, counters, and sinks. When dealing with whole floors, then you will need a brush with a long handle so that you don’t bend down or get on your knees while cleaning. 

Sometimes you might be planning to use your bathroom tile power brush for all the general cleaning. In such a scenario the convertible power brushes are the most versatile choice.

You must consider the job you will use your bathroom brush frequently before deciding which type of bathroom power scrubber to purchase. When cleaning your bathroom tile, where do you mostly use your handheld brush?

This simple question should assist you to get the best bathroom power scrubber to suit your needs.

Bathroom Tile power Scrubber  Attachment head options

A good bathroom tile power scrubber should have different attachment head options to help you work more efficiently. Make sure you get a model with a wide selection when it comes to brushing heads. 

Granted, they might be rather pricey, but they will get the job done more effectively and reduce the workload for you.

The attachment heads should equally be easy to clean and change. You don’t need to purchase a model that takes too much time to change the attachment heads or clean them.

Look at customer reviews to determine whether the model you want is easy to clean and use.

Why do you need a best brush for cleaning shower tile?

As mentioned earlier, there are so many types of power scrubber individually designed for different bathroom tile sections.

Most people don’t fully understand why they need a bathroom tile power scrubber which costs money. Here are the top four reasons why you should get a bathroom tile power scrubber today.

1. Washroom Tile Power Scrubber Saves Time

Cleaning your bathroom tile with a regular brush takes so much time. This is especially frustrating when you have several other commitments that you need to take care of like work and errands.

 In today’s modern society, time is essential because there are always several moving parts that you need to juggle.

Using a bathroom power scrubber will reduce the time it took to clean your bathroom tile by more than half. This essentially means that you will free up space in your schedule for other activities.

2. Washroom Tile Power Scrubber Thorough cleaning

Bathroom power brushes perform a better job when compared to the regular brushes. These motorized scrub brushes can get rid of stubborn stains quickly and make your bathroom tile look new.

The bathroom tile is an especially hard surface to clean and maintain as you might have already realized. A power scrubber will help you get the job done effectively. 

Remember that a clean bathroom reflects well on you especially when you love hosting friends and family.

3. Washroom Tile Power Scrubber Save effort

It takes a lot of effort to clean your bathroom tiles when you use a regular brush properly. When you finish cleaning, every part of your arms and back will be aching from the tiresome work.

A bathroom power scrubber will greatly reduce the workload for you.

This means that you will apply less effort and get the job done well comfortably. Machines are supposed to make work easier for us, and the bathroom power scrubbers do exactly that.

4. Washroom Tile Power Scrubber Great for hard-to-reach areas

Some areas in our bathroom are hard to clean especially when you don’t have a power scrubber. These areas are difficult to clean using an ordinary brush and you might have already noticed this problem.

Using Bathroom tile power scrubbers, you can clean hard-to-reach areas thus ensuring the bathroom gets a professional cleaning.

Frequently asked questions - Best Shower Tile Scrubber

How often should I replace the brushes?

Keeping the brush clean and up-to-date is one of the most important parts of ensuring that your bathroom power scrubber works at top performance. Having a proper brush ensures that the job is done efficiently and quickly.

How often you need to replace these brushes will depend on the model and type of bathroom tile power scrubber that you have.

While some power scrubbers have a long life span and it could take up to a year before you need to change the brushes, other power scrubbers need their brushes changed every couple of months.

The good news is that most power scrubbers have what are considered as quick-change shifts, which makes replacement easy and quick.

Replacing your brushes will also depend on how regularly you clean your bathroom tile and how big it is.

Check on your brushes regularly to ensure you change them immediately they wear out.

Can Any Cleaner Be Used with the Best Shower Tile Scrubber?

Although this hugely depends on the model name that you purchase, most cleaning brushes can be used with all the available tub and bath cleaners. You will have to change the cleaner you use depending on the task that you need to accomplish.

Don’t worry yourself about the cleaner matching the electric scrubber, but rather match the cleaner to the particular surface you need to be cleaned.

Do not use powerful cleaners on delicate or sensitive surfaces because you might end up damaging them.

Ensure you find the right cleaning agent for each of the tasks that you want to be accomplished.

Which brush is best for an acrylic bathtub?

Cleaning an acrylic bathtub can be rather difficult if you’re not sure of what to use. You need warm water and a soft brush for the best results. Make a cleaning solution using warm water and vinegar instead of purchasing a cleaning solution.

You must not use abrasive brushes because they may scratch your bathtub leading to huge damages. You should equally not use harsh chemicals, ammonia-D, leave-on cleaners, aerosol proponents, and crystal-drain cleaners.

All the mentioned cleaners will end up ruining your surface finish and you don’t want that happening. Ensure that you find the softest brush before you start cleaning your acrylic bathtub.

Are bathroom tile power scrubbers expensive?

The cost of bathroom power scrubbers will depend on the model and type. Some models are relatively expensive while others are pocket-friendly. Now, you could get a good quality model at a relatively fair price.

The good news is that these bathroom power scrubbers are worth every penny you spend. They have lots of advantages, and pretty much pay for themselves in the long run.

Moreover, they help you save both time and effort, plus they are quite long-lasting once you find the best model for you.

 Bathroom tile power scrubbers are a worthy investment that every household should have.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Power Scrubbers Reviews

1. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber

With a powerful Li-ion battery and four different brush heads, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber is one of the top choices. This model is long lasting with an extended stainless-steel handle to reduce the workload for you.

In less than one hour, you can be done cleaning your tile grout, shower, and bathtub, which means that you save a lot of time. It has stiff bristles that are great for scrubbing and cleaning the dirty bits lodged on various surfaces and tight corners.

This Tile Scrubber Brush's  design is equally easy to use and makes every bathroom cleaning task seem simple.  It is cordless ensuring that you can have freedom of movement when cleaning the tough spots in your bathroom.

This is especially true when you have a large home with several bathroom tiles that need cleaning.

The 21-inch long handle makes work easier because you don’t have to strain your joints or back to get to the hard-to-clean areas. Just one swipe and all your cleaning problems are handled effectively.

It has a rotation speed of up to 600 RPM with a powerful 3.6-volt battery which makes it versatile. The 360-degree rotation makes cleaning easier and much more convenient.

What I found admirable about the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber is the long handle that makes work easier and reduces the strain on your back and arms.

With this bathroom power scrubber, you can get the job done comfortably.

Tile Scrubber Brush - Pros

Tile Scrubber Brush - Cons

2. Electric Spin Scrubber, NOVETE Cordless Shower Bathroom Scrubber

With a long adjustable extension arm, strong metal motor, and 3 cleaning brush heads, the Electric Spin Scrubber, NOVETE Cordless Shower Bathroom Scrubber is one of the most versatile bathroom tile power scrubbers.

It has a spin speed of 300 RPM delivered by 35.4 kg.cm torque which is amazing.

With this power scrubber, you can effortlessly get rid of hard water stains, grime, and dirt quickly. When dealing with tougher stains, it is recommended that you use detergents and the right brush head for the job.

It is powered by a 4000 mAh 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery which gives it enough power to handle all sorts of cleaning jobs in your bathroom tile.

To clean an area of about 1400 square feet, you will need to charge it for just three and a half hours making it much more efficient than most best brushes for cleaning shower tile.

The motor is constructed with a strong copper core to ensure that this model is long-lasting even when used frequently.

This means that the NOVETE Cordless Shower/Bathroom Scrubber, is ideal for homeowners with many bathroom tiles that need regular cleaning.

What differs this best electric spin scrubber model from its competitors, is the safety precautions put in place to ensure that it does not overcharge, discharge or overheat.

With the Electric Spin Scrubber, NOVETE Cordless Shower Bathroom Scrubber you can rest easy knowing that you have a high-quality device.

Best Electric Spin Scrubber - Pros

Best Electric Spin Scrubber - Cons

3. YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber - Best Shower Tile Scrubber

The 7.4-volt 4000mAh spin scrubber produced by YOUKADA is designed to ensure you get a lasting and stable cleaning time every time you use it. 

The large capacity battery has a runtime for more than 90 minutes which is adequate to complete cleaning your bathroom tile.

It has an extension arm and 3 replaceable different type brushes to ease the workload. The brushes help to give you the right combination when dealing with different types of surfaces and stains. 

With the YOUKADA Electric Spin Scrubber, you get much more versatility.

What I loved about this Commercial Power Scrubber, was the 1-year warranty. This shows that its manufacturers are confident about the product.

The water-proof design also ensures that it is long-lasting. Ensure, however, that you perform regular maintenance to keep it in optimum shape.

Commercial Power Scrubber Pros

Commercial Power Scrubber Cons

4. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Review - Power Brush Shower Scrubber

The Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush Shower Scrubber includes 3 replaceable cleaning brush heads which make it efficient.

The 15.35-inch handle length is considerably shorter than its counterparts which makes it much more convenient to reach dirty areas.

It has a rotation speed of 280 which is great for dealing with stubborn stains and dirty spots all around your bathroom. It is quite powerful with a high torque thus ensuring the cleaning process is done faster and with reduced effort.

It includes a 2150mAh rechargeable battery, which supports about 80 minutes of working time when fully charged. The charge time takes just 3.5 hours, which sets it apart from the other bathroom power scrubbers.

You can get it recharged in under 4 hours and get back to work which makes it quite convenient.

The design includes a hook that makes it easier to store this device. Storage is very important especially when you have many tools in the home.

The hook designed with this model ensures you can hang it at a convenient spot thereby saving up on storage space.

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Reviews Pros

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Reviews Cons

5. MECO Electric Spin Scrubber - Cordless Power Scrubber

When it comes to medium-sized tasks, the MECO Electric Spin Scrubber does outstanding work. This model is lightweight, handheld, rechargeable, and quite easy to use.

When using the MECO Electric Spin Scrubber you quickly cover more ground within a short period.

It includes 3 replaceable cleaning brush attachments: flat brush, round brush, and pointed corner brush. These attachments help you get rid of the different types of stains and dirt in your bathroom tile.

The base is equally waterproof thus giving you peace of mind when carrying out cleaning.

The built-in rechargeable 2299mAh battery gives you a run time of 60 minutes, which is adequate. It also has a 360-degree rotational feature to help you quickly scrub and clean kitchen and bathroom areas at a rotational speed of 350 RPM.

It has a 1-year warranty and is made from quality material to ensure that it is long lasting. What I found most appealing about this model is its efficiency despite being lightweight. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful since it felt lighter than most bathroom power scrubbers.

Cordless Power Scrubber Pros

Cordless Power Scrubber Cons

Conclusion – Best Bathroom Tile Scrubber

Getting the best bathroom power scrubber is not as easy as it seems. You need to take your time and go through all the considerations highlighted in this article before making any purchases. 

You must look at different customer reviews to help you make an informed decision. In my opinion, the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Shower Scrubber is the best choice. 

This model has an amazing rotation speed, a powerful rechargeable battery, and 4 interchangeable cleaning heads that make it stand out from the rest of its competitors.

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